FANR Board of Management Reviews 2018 Radiation Protection Committee Report


The Board of Management of the UAE’s Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR), reviewed its performance report during the quarter one of the year where it discussed the various planned activities to be undertaken across the year supporting its mission in regulating the nuclear sector in the UAE.


The Board learned about latest updates of the FANR ongoing review of the Operating License Application for Units 1 and 2 at the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant in Al Dhafra as well as all relevant inspection activities to ensure implementation of FANR’s safety, security and safeguards requirements.  FANR is currently at the final stage of the application review. The UAE is currently building four nuclear power plant simultaneously. Reviewing the Operating License Application of Barakah Nuclear Power Plant is a key priority for FANR’s Board of Management to ensure that it meets all regulatory requirements.


On a different topic, FANR presented its 2018 Report on Radiation Protection Committee (RPC) activities and its efforts to improve radiation protection across the UAE. The committee presented topics discussed in 2018 such as health surveillance, protection strategy during emergency, enhancing medical response capabilities and cooperation with the International Commission for Radiation Protection. The RPC has four working groups to ensure the sustainability of the radiation protection work: it covers a working group on Orphan Source Strategy; another on National Programme for the Radiation Protection in Medical Application: a third group on National Strategy for Education and Training in Radiation Protection and finally a working group on National Environmental Radiological Measurements.


In addition, Members of the Board learned about FANR cooperation plan in 2019 where the authority aims to expand its national and international cooperation with organizations and nuclear regulators of other countries in exchange and transfer of knowledge in Research and Development, building Emiratis technical capacity and streamline UAE international commitment to safe, secure and peaceful nuclear activities.



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