Invitation to Attend NAMP Webinar on Biodoimetry


The NAMP cordially invites you to attend web-based lectures on specific radiochemistry topics developed in cooperation with the EPA and other Federal agencies, and our university partners.  Short (1- to 2-hour) webinars on specific radiochemistry topics are presented by renowned university professors and leading scientists in radiochemistry. Series 5, Environmental Radiochemistry and Special Topics, will include webinars on environmental chemistry, regulatory compliance, and other special topics of interest.


Please plan to join us for Biodosimetry


Who Should Attend: Laboratory Technicians, Chemists, Nuclear Engineers, Emergency Response Personnel, Regulators, Managers & Students


Lecture Overview:   Effective medical management of ionizing radiation-overexposed individuals is contingent upon prompt and definitive approximation of radiation dose. Radiation biodosimetry, based on the analysis of dicentric chromosome in circulating lymphocytes, represents the gold standard for radiation dose assessment.  This webinar details the dicentric assay and discusses the circumstances for its application in the aftermath of a radiologic incident.


Free Webcast:  Thursday, January 19, 2017, at 1:00 pm Eastern Time (EST), 12:00 pm Central Time (CST)


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Presenter: Joseph Albanese received his PhD in Experimental Medicine, from McGill University. He completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Yale University, where his work focused on understanding how ionizing radiation alters mechanisms involved with hematopoietic cell-cell communication.

In the months that followed the terrorist attacks, on September 2001, Dr. Albanese provided subject matter expertise and oversight for the development of clinical and response guidelines for radiation emergencies.  These guidelines are intended to provide clinicians in healthcare delivery facilities with a strategy for responding to large-scale radiological incidents. He is also a co-author of the Connecticut Hospital Emergency Management Plan for Radiation Emergencies, a hospital emergency management document which serves as a resource for Connecticut hospitals in planning and responding to radiological and nuclear emergencies. Dr. Albanese serves on the New York City Radiation Advisory Committee and was part of a subject matter expert group that developed asimilar radiological preparedness plan for NYC hospitals. In 2009, he received an appointment as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Therapeutic Radiology and Pharmacology, at the Yale University School of Medicine.

In his present capacity, Dr. Albanese serves as the Radiation Biodosimetrist for the Yale New Haven Health System Center for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response, and supervises the State of Connecticut Biodosimetry Laboratory.  Dr. Albanese co-chairs the steering committee tasked with establishing a Radiation Professional Volunteers Program, in Connecticut.  Volunteers in this program are trained to screen victims for radioactive contamination, in the event of a large-scale radiological incident.
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