Turkey: A Substance Obtained is Applied as Insulation Material Against Radiation


Most of the reserve is a material obtained by the purification of the boron mine in Turkey, which is applied as insulation material against radiation caused by the purification of the mineral boron, 9 water molecules structure with sodyumpentaborat agent, 7 water able to reduce molecules of the present invention the Turkish Patent and Balikesir registrant brand Institutions established R & D company and an engineering company, said agents began to apply the radiotherapy room in the hospital.


An engineering firm that has received orders from two hospitals in Ankara and Istanbul, which insulates the radiotherapy centers of two private hospitals in Istanbul, aspires to armor nuclear power plants against radiation leaks with ambitious investments.


Başaran Paşaalioğlu, engineer of the engineering company "Radkosis", who started to produce radiation protection products, stated that they produced radiation protection systems as a company in the statement made to AA correspondent.


"We have revolutionized the way we look at armor"


Paşaalioğlu stated that they provided great success in their tests and said:


"Now we have created a revolution that changed the way the world shielding AmAyA bakış. A feature of Sodyumpentaborat agent is stopping the radiation absorbing into not reflect such concrete elements. To stop the other hand, gamma rays was made purification of barite operation. The lead elements relates to the world with these being used. However, heavy in the world because it appeared a material not desired by anyone to be preferred. We may use barite instead. could take up to 90 percent of the purity of this material. We reduced product lead in thickness, we produce this substance on the 5th floor and our goal is to reduce up to 3 times. recently the consequences We will also take it. "


"We want to arm all the nuclear plants in the world"


This product to the very future demand from the world and Paşaalioğl voicing would be a source of pride for Turkey, "We are in the world are offering all nuclear power plants shielded to. Currently, nuclear power plants in neutron rays, are made with curtain in the 6-8 m thick and it is unsafe in case of leakage. We thickness of 6 meters instead 60 centimeters, or even 40 centimeters, and we can make it safer.We are announcing that we are going to have more initiatives in the world. " .


"This material is an earth in the world"


Şenol Paşaalioğlu, one of the partners of the company, reminded that there were big problems related to nuclear power plants and continued as follows:


"Chernobyl is, you know, Japan. She radiation exposure that occurred at the power plants in the country still can not be stopped. With the materials we have produced Sodyumpentaborat containing existing power plants that emit radiation into the environment can be shielded and can stop the leak. This would be a major breakthrough for us. This material is a first in the world, and we hope It is a good material for Turkey. "


"We will build our advanced boron processing plant"


Faruk Durukan, owner of the R & D company based in Edremit, said that about 450 nuclear power plants operating in the world were located and risked these plants in terms of radiation.


Durukan pointed out that they were trying to stop the spread of radiation after the explosion and armor of nuclear plants with the project, he noted:


"There was a nuclear power plant explosion in two countries in the world and could produce no solution to the leak. It still takes more leaks. Incidentally, this is also in the hospital of radiation-emitting section material can be used very easily. We in our company, we ensure that you have this technology and we geçebilmekt to practice anymore. We can give engineering work In about a year, we will have established our advanced boron processing plant in our R & D company, which will be the first in the world.World science could produce 9 water molecule Sodyumpentaborate material, we reduced 7 water molecules, We will be the only country in the world that has advanced boron processing technologies and we will provide solutions for this kind of problems from Turkey.



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