Public needs radiation awareness

Last month, during a panel session at the World Nuclear Association's 2014 Symposium, experts agreed on the necessity of educating the public on the potential health effects of radiation as part as a long-term process and not just take place in the aftermath of a major nuclear accident, a panel of radiation protection experts agreed. Wolfgang Weiss, a representative from the United Nations...

IAEA's Director General sets out challenges with special concerns for the region

Yukiya Amano, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), has become "more and more convinced" of the vital importance of science and technology for sustainable development in his visits to the agency's member states all over the world.   Speaking at the 58th Regular Session of the IAEA's General Conference that was held last month in Vienna, he also...

International Conference on Occupational Radiation Protection: Enhancing the Protection of Workers – Gaps, Challenges and Developments

The “Second International Conference on Occupational Radiation Protection: Protecting Workers Against Exposure to Ionizing Radiation” will be held at the IAEA’s Headquarters in Vienna, Austria, from 1 to 5 December 2014. The conference will be organized by the IAEA and co-sponsored by the ILO, in cooperation with several other international organizations. This conference aims...
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